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Kelley is amazing - very skilled, very intuitive, very nurturing.  She adapts the session well to what my body needs at the time; anything from a deeply relaxing Swedish massage to a more rigorous deep tissue massage, or a mix.  The after effects of her work lasts for days.  My wife is also now a Kelley regular!  We both leave the sessions feeling rejuvenated in body, mind and spirit.

Jason M. 

 I found Kelley through a friend's recommendation.  She is very polite, courteous, and professional.  She had clean sheets and a comfortable table.  I used a few of her different services.  If you want a relaxing, general massage, the Swedish is the way to go.  Its relaxing and soothing.  If you have a few kinks in your back or shoulders (like me) i would recommend the deep tissue.  Now this will probably hurt, but its so worth it at the end because your feel much much better.  I would also highly recommend a Lymphatic Drainage.  It may sound weird and you may not feel it right away, but in a day or two you will feel a sense of refreshness.  Its hard to explain, but its like a reset for your lymphatic system.  I would recommend Kelley to anyone

Chris P.

Kelley is amazing, best massage I have ever had! But of course your tastes might be different. She managed to find knots and work them out when most people have missed them entirely

Chris O.

Kelley has been my massage therapist for several years now. She is professional, caring, and really in touch with her client's needs and energy. I really recommend her deep tissue and trigger point massage if you have a lot pain issues. It's the only massage that really breaks up the knots and makes me feel better!

Julia D.

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