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Soul Elemental: Discover yourself on a whole new level. Take the time to drop in with yourself and learn new practices and tools for a more intuitive & connected you! Join us for 6 days of inner and outer soul exploration! Learn to heal yourself and tune into your energetic body through the Chakras. Find stillness and create art that stimulates your senses and opens your heart space. Play in nature and learn more about the Elements that surround us. Discover a healthier you and learn how to prepare a Vegan Brunch.

Scheduled Offerings:

*Self Love & Soul Discovery

*Tonic Mocktails

*Vegan Food Hacks and Recipes
*Chakra Activation & Balancing
*Healing Energy Therapies
*Guided Meditations
*Gentle Flow Yoga

*Crystal Bowl Sound Journey

*Somatic Lullaby 
*Art Therapy
*Embodied Movement
*Intuitive Healing Tools

*Stories of Embodied Feminine 
*Tuning Fork Therapy
*Plant Allies & Aromatherapy

Learn to work with healing and vibrational energy using our own intuition. Soak up Mama Earth with nature based rituals. Heal yourself and find more balance by expanding your knowledge & experience of Chakra centers and Elemental energy. Nourish your soul with creative art therapy projects and mindfulness exercises. Bathe in healing vibrations with sound therapy and tuning forks. Learn how to create daily practices & ritual for a more mindful life.

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